Our Opticians are just a phone call away!

Here at Optician Company we strive to give you the best shopping experience possible! Ordering glasses online or purchasing in a store can be overwhelming with all the decisions to be made. This is why booking an appointment might be the best option for you. We can either do a virtual appointment or if you are in the Sacramento or Auburn area we can book a mobile appointment today. Let us help you order amazing new glasses!



From plano (non prescription lenses), to single vision, to all the different kinds of multifocal lenses. Ask our opticians what style would best for you!


Your glasses prescriptions sometimes are not straightforward. Lets us help break down all the style of lenses to make ordering easy.


Let us walk you through how to take your own pupillary measurement at NO COST! This is the measurement from the center of your pupil to the center of your nose.

Mobile appointments

How it works

1 / I will call you within 24 hours of purchasing your in-person eyewear fitting.

2 / We will pick a time and place that works best for you.

3 / Enjoy a curated eyewear collection styled just for you.