Let me start by tell you a little story about how @gypsyeyegal and I became a BOSS BABE POWER COUPLE. I launched my business early 2021 and decided I needed to become one of those amazingly inspiring Instagram accounts. If others could do it so could I. Well I quickly learned it isn’t easy becoming Instagram famous haha and it’s an unexpected full-time job. I decided to just keep posting, keep researching and keep learning how to grow and create followers. I was researching optical accounts for inspiration and ideas, but everything looked the same and I wanted something different for Optician Company. While I was browsing accounts I came across this super cute page named Gypsy Eye Gal with all these beautiful pictures. I had to have been on her page for at least 15 minutes going down the rabbit hole. I decided to say hello and complement her on her creative "traveling reps" name and all her beautiful photos. I figured it would be a hi/bye kind of conversation I was getting from everyone else on Instagram, but she immediately wrote me back and was so kind and inviting. I remember running to my husband (who 100% does not care about Instagram) telling him I think I just got my first Instagram bestie. After a couple days of chatting our bond just kept growing and growing. We kept bouncing ideas off each other and quickly learned we both are driven dreamers with great ideas. We would talk about so many different ideas on how to grow our followers, bring awareness to our industry and update each other on what was working on our different accounts. A week or so later Mikki reached out with this amazing idea of how to bring reps and opticians together. She called it ROWT!

Rowt After Dark was going to either be a YouTube channel or Instagram TV that would  interview different people in our industry and talk all the nitty gritty, don't leave anything out kind of fun. It would be a place where we all could come together, grab your favorite cocktails (mine is always my wonderful HydroFlask of ice water because I'm prego) and tell our stories. Mikki, asked if I would be the first person to join the adventure and of course now feeling famous for being asking I said, "heck yes". We launched our first episode on Instagram TV on April 9th and our second exactly ONE month later on May 9th! We started getting some really good feedback from the first two episodes and our wheels started turning yet again. Mikki came to me with not just one beautiful idea, but two! Mikki said, "Chelsea, I think Rowt needs to be a magazine". Being the two entrepreneur's that we both are we started working on creating our first magazine to go along with our late night talks. 

After just a short couple months of a lot of work we get to announce that our first Rowt Magazine will be launching THIS JULY 2021! 

It isn't easy being an optician, but it really isn't easy being a frame rep having to drop by or cold call different locations in hopes of creating relationships. Rowt is here to bring ALL OF US together. No matter what part of our industry you are in we want to hear from you. We want to learn your story and network together. I mean lets get real. Can you imagine the relationships you could create!

Join Mikki and I in the change. Join Rowt, meet new people and tell your stories. We can't wait to meet you and see where you've been.  


Xo, Chelsea