I can’t tell you enough how important choosing the correct lenses material is. I remember learning about lens thickness and trying to help patients pick, but honestly it was trial and error at first. Until I started memorizing minus powers vs plus powers and then onto astigmatism and the axis which is what holds all the thickness. But don’t you worry, I wrote out all the fun facts below.


But, first I need to explain what Abbe Value is. Abbe value explains the materials dispersion, which pretty means the clarity of your lens. The higher the value, the more crisp and clear you will see.

CR39 – Basic Plastic
Abbe Value: 58
This lenses material has an excellent abbe value giving you a crisp clear lens, but is A LOT easier to break. The durability leads us onto why we cannot order basic plastic for anyone under the age of 18 for safety reasons. With that being said this lens in definitely cost efficient, but you will notice thickness and weight depending on your prescription power.

Abbe Value: 30
This lens in known for being shatter resistant with UV embedded within the lens. Great for kids under 18 and anyone playing sports. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan because of the abby value and I’ve personally broken polycarbonate lenses while adjusting glasses. The material isn’t great for tinting and drill mounts. I’ve had to remake multiple jobs due to the drill mounts starting to chip. Lastly, it has a cancer warning attached to material! No thank you.

Abbe Value: 42 – 45
I LOVE TRIVEX! It’s the material I wear and order for my friends and family that have an appropriate power correction for the material. It’s shatter resistant (I haven’t broke a Trivex lens), light weight, UV embedded, loves drill mounts and has great clarity!

Abbe Value: 36 – 47
This lens even with a lower abby value is wonderful for high power prescriptions! If you want to take weight and thickness off your order we recommend HI-1.67. This lens comes with scratch coatings embedded due to the material being a little softer (easier to scratch) and UV layers. Overall it’s a great lens if you are looking for thinner and lighter.

Abbe Value: 32 – 36
Meet the thinnest and lightest lens available! Yes, the abby value isn’t great, but it’s still a good lens if you NEED to keep the thickness and weight down. This material comes with all the same bells and whistles as 1.67 so don’t worry about scratch coatings and UV layers. If you order this material you will be required to add an anti-reflective coating to protect this lens material.